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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do CF University Center students have the same benefits as CF students? (Example: use of computers, testing center, library).

Yes. A CF University Center student can use all the services and facilities that CF student’s use, providing that the CF University Center student has a current and valid CF University Center Identification Card.

  1. Do CF University Center classes meet on the same schedule as CF classes?

No. The CF University Center recognizes the different calendars of each university partner and therefore will remain open even when CF is closed. CF University Center classes will not be affected by a mismatch of holidays, spring breaks, or special closing dates by CF. Note the only exception to this is inclement weather or other emergencies. When CF is closed due to such circumstances, there will be no CF University Center classes even if the partnering university is open. Please check radio and TV for information.

  1. When there is a CF University center question who should I call?

Please call the CF University Center staff at (352) 873-5866 during regular office hours.

  1. What tuition do CF University Center students pay?

CF University Center students pay the tuition of the partnering university. Some university partners offer a tuition discount for CF graduates.

  1. Can a CF University Center student receive financial aid?

Yes. CF University Center students can receive financial aid from the partnering institution. Consult the university for contact information, procedures, deadlines, etc.

  1. What is involved in getting into a CF University Center program? What transcripts does a student have to provide?

Each CF University Center student needs to apply through the partner institution. They will need to follow that university’s application process including submitting the required transcripts.

  1. Is an A.A. degree required when a person has obtained an A.S. degree?

It depends on the program. Sometimes the A.A. degree is an advantage because it includes all the general education requirements.

  1. How do students purchase books?

Some CF University Center partners will use the CF bookstore to allow students to purchase their books on campus. Other partners have the students use the university’s web site bookstore.

  1. What are the qualifications for a student entering a CF University Center program?

A student must have an A.A. or A.S. degree or 60 hours of college credit.

  1. Can a student be dually enrolled at CF and the CF University Center?

Sometimes. Different CF University Center programs have different entrance requirements, however most Bachelor programs will provisionally allow a student to enroll while taking courses at CF.

  1. Can a person contact a University partner representative directly?

Many of the university partners have an on-site liaison at the CF University Center campus while others have advisors at the home campus who may be contacted. Call the CF University Center office to find out who those contacts are.

  1. Which policies for student conduct apply to CF University Center students – the university I am attending or CF since I am attending classes there?

The answer is both. Students must adhere to the student conduct rules and regulations of their university program, but also, because they are using CF facilities (libraries, computers, etc.) must also adhere to CF student conduct regulations.

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